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Lightsource bp



Lightsource bp regional websites around the globe audited and optimised for SEO


redirects remapped.


performance score improvement across 19 global sites within 1 month of launch


manual indexing requests submitted to Google to get key pages crawled immediately


key pages tracked everyday for a month to ensure indexing and ranking.


hours of extensive cross browser and cross device testing.


Solar giant’s global growth sparks a new website and SEO migration

As the largest solar farm developer in the world, with a presence in 21 countries, Lightsource bp takes their SEO localisation seriously. The company maintains a separate website in each of the 19 regions where they operate and drives their digital marketing and SEO with content created by teams in each region.

For some time, our SEO experts at KLIQ have worked with Lightsource bp to optimise their SEO rankings through content and technical SEO.

As the business grew, the original websites became unstable and difficult to maintain and optimise – a common problem as businesses outgrow their original CMS and platform.


Comprehensive SEO migration to maintain global footprint and rankings

Lightsource bp engaged an agency to upgrade their websites, moving all content across to a new platform. At first, our role at KLIQ was to conduct an audit and provide advice on what to watch for so that the significant SEO gains of previous years were not lost during the transition to a new web platform and presence.

It soon became clear that a number of significant changes being introduced by the new websites were likely to adversely affect SEO rankings. There was also a risk that a combination of issues would mean the new websites would not show up on Google search results at all.

At this point, we were engaged to manage the SEO migration with an aim to ensure the new website was not penalised for SEO issues such as URL changes, missing meta data and page speed. SEO gains from previous years needed to be at least maintained and ideally improved.

A truly collaborative process – more ‘colleagues’ than ‘consultants’

With tight timelines, and the website upgrade continuing on schedule, our SEO experts were committed to being available 24/7 so that our activities didn’t impact project timelines.

The SEO migration approach was highly collaborative. We were able to work with Lightsource bp teams across multiple regions and timezones to complete the SEO migration with minimal disruption.

Alongside our expertise and our understanding of the client’s business developed over time, we were also able to add value with processes and tools ranging from checklists to templates.

Our rigorous approach aimed to ensure there were no content gaps, broken pages or technical SEO issues. All meta titles, meta descriptions, schema, markups, image alt tags needed to be checked and migrated, across 19 websites and then indexed.

Tools and processes embedded in our approach included 88 checklist items provided to the client and completed by KLIQ and Lightsource bp during preparation, pre-launch, launch day and post-launch.

We were also engaged to test the new website post migration and identify (and remediate) any potential SEO issues.

Seamless large-scale website migration boosts SEO performance

Our in-depth knowledge of the Lightsource bp content combined with our expertise in on-page and technical SEO made us a dynamic choice as an SEO migration partner.

Lightsource bp organic search rankings for over 40 important pages on the website improved by 6-8 positions as a result of a well-executed SEO migration strategy, after the launch of the new websites.

24/7 collaboration across multiple regions and timezones ensured we were able to complete a successful SEO migration seamlessly.

As a result of our detailed 88-point checklist and thorough agency process, successfully achieved all client goals and objectives required in this complex global SEO website migration for 20 countries.


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