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increased search ranking position after migration


Increase in organic impressions


Increase in organic clicks after migration


Harvesting global growth with a new domain and seamless SEO migration

Open Pantry is a B2B Agri-Food Tech cloud SaaS startup that has built an inventory order management system for chefs and suppliers. In August 2023, Open Pantry took the next step to go global with their offering. To support this expansion, they wanted to move from the top level domain (TLD) to a more globally friendly TLD.

In a highly competitive Agri-Food market, the SEO migration would be key for maintaining organic search rankings. An additional challenge for this project was that the tech savvy Open Pantry founders use a custom-built web platform rather than a standard CMS.


Worldwide membership and global reach required some extra SEO sizzle

The Open Pantry site is a subscription-based online order management software for wholesale suppliers and restaurants, built on a custom eCommerce platform. Originally set up with a TLD, this successful B2B AgriTech startup soon realised that globalisation was on the menu. The timing was perfect for a shift to a more global and SEO friendly domain.

Worldwide reach also included the development of 7 individual websites to enhance localisation. In addition to the Australian and New Zealand websites, local sites would be developed across the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, the UK and Europe.

With our site audit and report completed, we were able to contribute to key decisions about the choice of TLD and aspects of site structure. Localisation was achieved using an SEO friendly subdirectory structure. With trust a key ingredient the .com domain was a great choice. While other TLD options are available, the .com domain speaks with authority and has trust built in trust.

Adding SEO value with a client-first mindset was in scope

Working closely together, both KLIQ and Open Pantry were committed to ensuring the domain migration reaped the rewards of a more global reach. Beyond that, our commitment to the client’s success helped us identify other opportunities to improve SEO as the migration work was underway.

  • Consolidated content: eCommerce platform pages were housed on a separate platform to blog pages. We recommended the content be housed on the same platform to allow for better analysis and reporting.
  • Site map hierarchy: By ensuring the site map listed pages in a hierarchical list, we helped ensure this key item of content was more ‘Google friendly’ before resubmitting the site to Google for indexing.
  • SEO strategy deep dive: We added value by checking competitor sites and revising meta descriptions and titles for improved organic search.
  • Actionable insights: On-page SEO ‘done right’ means checking a range of visitor experiences, beyond the metadata. We provided recommendations for improving page layout and calls to action.
  • Keyword opportunities: With Open Pantry’s move into a global market, there were opportunities to rank for a range of relevant keywords. This meant we were able to update keyword ideas into meta descriptions and titles across the website.
  • Technical SEO: Our technical SEO skills meant we could make practical recommendations for improving page load speed by minifying code and adopting deferred and lazy loading.

Strong partnership reaps full buffet of valuable SEO benefits

With a track record in successful SEO migration, we were able to add value to the Open Pantry domain migration from the beginning of the project.

Our approach to Open Pantry’s project combined a comprehensive checklist with rigorous testing and close collaboration with their development team. Embracing a hands-on, growth-oriented mindset, the Open Pantry team actively participated throughout the process. We ensured continuous and accurate tracking of conversion events and other analytics post-migration, working closely with their developers to maintain smooth and precise reporting on our marketing analytics dashboard, KLIQmetrics™.

Guided by our expert team during the domain migration from to .com, Open Pantry not only improved its average Google position by 20 spots—from 57 to 39 in just the first month—but also experienced a significant expansion in online presence, with an 11% increase in organic impressions and a 19.60% increase in organic clicks, substantially extending the reach of this innovative startup.


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