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Brand Awareness for a Socially-Aware Brand

Bree Gorman Consulting is an organisation that provides comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workplace solutions such as strategy, research and coaching for organisations to create meaningful and measurable change.

We worked together to understand the pain points and challenges facing this niche before creating a digital marketing strategy to help drive brand awareness and lead generation. This included redeveloping their website – with particular attention to the customer journey, key messaging and calls to action to improve conversion rates.


Content Strategy Built on a Foundation of Thought Leadership

As a lived-experience thought leader in the professional diversity and inclusion space, Bree Gorman was independently creating meaningful and engaging content on LinkedIn. We leveraged the expertise in this content (often video format), married it with trending topics and keyword research to develop high quality topical and evergreen blog content – creating opportunities for a wider audience to benefit from the expertise of Bree Gorman Consulting.

Exploring similar topics across different platforms like this is an efficient way of building a robust content strategy. This strategy contributed to website sessions with an average of more than 3.5 pages visited (compared to a B2B average of 2 page views per session), and a higher than average time spent on blog pages.

Purpose Driven Digital Marketing to Uplift Advocacy

Uplifting the work of others that resonates with our own principles is something we strive to do as frequently as possible – “purpose driven” is one of our driving values after all. Working with Bree Gorman to amplify their mission to make workplaces more diverse, inclusive and equitable for LGBTQIA+ people was something we had personal conviction in, helping us produce and promote content that was as meaningful and engaging as it was successful.

We are proud that our work contributed to nearly 2000 new website visitors being funnelled from specific non-brand search campaigns; users searching for diversity and inclusion related keywords. Until they had seen these ads on search engines, they hadn’t considered visiting Bree Gorman consulting.

Fortifying Digital Foundations for Measurable Outcomes

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we would never take a standardised approach to a client or project. Some of our clients are marketing-savvy and very hands-on, while others aren’t – we customise our service to meet the unique circumstances. At Bree Gorman Consulting, we worked to refine and elevate the legacy Google Ads and content marketing strategies. This opened the door to pivot and experiment together for exciting results – including a greater than 70% average increase in organic impressions.


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