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Digital Marketing for an IT and Business Consulting Firm

9Yards Consulting is an Australian professional advisory company that empowers its clients to make highly effective business decisions by providing technology-centred strategic services. Their work spans digital transformation, solution architecture, business architecture and change management, working across a variety of industry sectors – with a particular niche in the government, healthcare, finance, banking, insurance and superannuation space.

We worked closely with this team to increase brand awareness, support lead generation and demonstrate expertise through a combination of content marketing and targeted LinkedIn advertising.


Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts for High Value Content

Like many professional services providers, the team at 9Yards has a huge wealth of knowledge but little time to translate it into marketing collateral. We worked to bridge that gap – becoming a well-informed resource that could produce appropriate and effective digital marketing; translating their expertise into engaging content.

To develop an overarching relevant and robust content strategy that aligned with 9Yards’ goals, we held a workshop with the senior leadership team to “download” their knowledge – identifying the pain points, knowledge gaps and trending conversations amongst their industry peers and target audience. We also worked closely with the broader team of consultants, letting their specific subject matter expertise inform our content. In a commitment to extract the most value from each interview with team members as possible, we recorded and transcribed each interview, resulting in a library we could continue to reference.

Driving Thought Leadership Through Impactful Content

Our approach to content creation is to balance SEO strategies with uncompromising content quality. We applied our research into trending topics and keywords to determine topics with a high potential for engagement, then leveraged the team’s expert insights to create accurate, informative and relevant articles that would pique the interest of our target audiences.

We also continuously monitored the performance of each piece of content we produced, using our customised KLIQMetrics™ dashboard. This data-focus – a cornerstone of all our engagements – allowed us to identify and execute effective optimization opportunities.

This approach has resulted in an above average time-on-page and pages visited, compared to industry B2B benchmarks.

Cultivating the Right Audience

Knowing who you’re speaking to is a key tenet of marketing – and reaching them where they are present is an effective strategy to achieve high engagement and lead generation. We created an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to target and communicate with decision-makers in large organisations. Using a database of individual prospects and customer accounts, we promoted relevant and engaging content to grow followers, and generate and nurture leads.

It resulted in strong engagement from qualified leads – demonstrated by a near-doubling of LinkedIn followers, as well as the customer journey we can map of their visits to the website.


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