GA4 reports in minutes - with all the ease of UA

SimpliGA Reports integrates powerful GA4 data with Universal Analytics reporting intelligence. Comprehensive data-at-a-glance, so you can tap into actionable insights for faster, stronger, better analysis.

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SimpliGA Reports will simplify and strengthen your GA4 analytics

SimpliGA Reports cut through the complexity of GA4 so you can enjoy the familiar reporting views of Universal Analytics for powerful data analysis and insights.

Integrate with BigQuery

Harness BigQuery machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence for fast, detailed analysis of your raw data.


Real-time insights

Analyse today’s data, today – with realtime reports of your campaign and content performance as it happens, without the limitations of raw GA4).


No sampling. Just real data

Actionable insights based on 100% accurate data. SimpliGA Reports protect visitor privacy while still displaying realtime and accurate data.

Historical data

Historical data gives you insights to plan future campaigns. Data starts when you set up your GA4 property (Basic) / integrate BigQuery (Pro).

Get the most out of GA4

With SimpliGA Reports you can use your GA4 data to see reports the way you like them, with UA-style audience, acquisition, visitor behaviour and conversion.

Fully customisable reporting

Instant edit access

Once connected, you have edit access to your SimpliGA Reports, with the power to make changes to pages and content such as charts and filters. Customise and configure your SimpliGA Reports with ease.

Branded Options

White labelled reporting

Generate your own branded SimpliGA Reports quickly and easily by adding brand elements such as logo, colours and icons. Reports that align with your brand guidelines – that’s GA4 speaking your language!

One-click setup

Generate reports in minutes

Setup of your SimpliGA Reports is just a click away. Connect in less than a minute with our one-click setup, then easily configure and view reports. Before you know it you’ll have clear, realtime, actionable insights at your fingertips.

Sharing Options

Seamless collaboration with stakeholders

Easily share your SimpliGA Reports using scheduled emails, share links and PDF exports. SimpliGA makes it super easy to collaborate with stakeholders and connect with clients, with flexible sharing options to meet everybody’s needs..

How it works

Get started with SimpliGA Reports in less than a minute


01 Connect and view

Enter your GA4 account and property IDs to get started. SimpliGA Reports start generating automatically. From connection to dashboard takes less than one minute!

02 Happy analysing!

With SimpliGA Reports up and running, you have beautifully presented, easy-to read data at your fingertips!


01 Link your GA4 data to BigQuery

Connect your GA4 property with BigQuery to unlock the reporting capabilities of SimpliGA Reports backed by the power of BigQuery’s enterprise data warehouse features.

02 Create your report

Enter your BigQuery project and dataset IDs to create your SimpliGA Reports automatically. It takes less than one minute.

03 Happy analysing!

With the SimpliGA Reports up and running, you have beautifully presented, easy-to-read data, and business intelligence at your fingertips to take your analysis and insights to the next level!

One time payment

Pay once and get lifetime access to SimpliGA Reports, without any additional fees.


SimpliGA Reports Basic is perfect for marketers & businesses. Includes edit access for easy customisation options.

AUD 699

one-time payment

Google Analytics 4 connector
Universal Analytics reports
Historical data (from the 1st day of GA4)
Unlimited websites
White label
Sharing options
One-click setup

SimpliGA Reports Pro is the best option for companies with complex data needs looking for unsampled data.

AUD 899

one-time payment

BigQuery connector
Universal Analytics reports
Historic data (from the 1st day of GA4)
Unlimited websites
White label
Sharing options
One-click setup
Today’s data
Realtime reports
Custom goals
Unsampled data
No quota limits

Simplify your GA4 reporting today!

Try our free demo and see the difference. No payment required.

Need support to move from GA4 to SimpliGA Reports? We can help!

Want to ask something?

While GA4 offers a more advanced and robust set of features, its interface can be challenging for businesses to use it effectively. We offer a user-friendly analytics report that allows you to access and make sense of your GA4 data in one place with the familiar interface of Universal Analytics. Our team has dedicated more than 100 hours to developing the queries and setup for GA4 & BigQuery, making it effortless for you to create effective, powerful reports with just one click. With SimpliGA, you can streamline your analytics process, and easily read and share your data, which in turn helps you make better decisions for your business.

It’s incredibly easy to set up SimpliGA Reports! All you need to do is enter your BigQuery information (Dataset ID & Project ID) for the Pro plan or your GA4 information (Account ID & Property ID) for the Basic plan. Once connected, you’ll be able to see your report with just one click in less than one minute.

Remember: SimpliGA Reports Pro is compatible with BigQuery connector, so you should link your GA4 property with BigQuery first before using our product.

Yes you can do that for the Basic plan.

However for the Pro plan, you will need to link your GA4 data with BigQuery before you start. The data captured in SimpliGA Reports will only be available from the day you link to BigQuery.

We do offer a live demo of SimpliGA Reports. The demo lets youvuse your GA4 data source to explore the features of our product. The demo is available only for the Basic version.

SimpliGA Reports is for anyone who uses GA4 and wants a more user-friendly way to analyse their data. Whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or data analyst, SimpliGA Reports can simplify your analytics and save you time and effort.

The Pro plan is designed for marketers, eCommerce, or online businesses with advanced features like unsampled data and custom goals.

If you’re working individually or with a limited budget, then the Basic plan will likely be the best option for you.

If you find yourself wanting to use SimpliGA Reports for multiple clients with different needs, a good solution is to choose the pricing bundle that includes both plans. This will allow you to use either GA4 or BigQuery connectors based on your customers’ setup.

Yes, absolutely you can use SimpliGA Reports for multiple websites or clients. You can make as many copies you like.

BigQuery has a free tier that includes up to 1 TB of data storage and 1 TB of query processing per month. Beyond that, BigQuery offers a flat-rate pricing model, which provides users with dedicated resources and predictable pricing based on their data storage and processing needs. Alternatively, it has a pay-as-you-go model, which allows users to pay for the data storage and processing resources they use. You can use the BigQuery Pricing Calculator to make sure you are on budget.

Absolutely yes. We don’t get access to your data.

Yes you can do that. Once you have connected GA4 or BigQuery (depending on your plan), you will own your own report. Once connected, you can make as many changes as you like. You can hide existing report pages or create new ones, add your own colours or share the report with others.

We don’t have a refund policy. The value of SimpiGA is embedded in the technical support and analytics expertise that has gone into creating SimpliGA Reports on the Looker Studio platform.

With SimpliGA Reports, you are using your data to provide powerful analytics and insights, with reports that make the most of your investment.