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How will your website migration impact SEO? Discover how strategic SEO website migration can protect your site’s organic traffic and search rankings.

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Why SEO matters for website migrations

SEO optimisation during website migration is crucial for preserving your site’s traffic, visibility, and search rankings. It’s more than content transfer—it requires meticulous attention to on-page SEO, technical specifications, link integrity, redirects, and metadata management.

This is where KLIQ shines! Our SEO experts brings a wealth of experience from successfully navigating numerous large-scale website migrations, where every detail matters.

Experience across multiple successful large website migrations
Comprehensive 88-point checklist covering on-page and technical SEO.
We collaborate closely with a focus on achieving client goals.
Unique approach

Trusted SEO partner for businesses across Australia and beyond

At KLIQ, we are data-focused, purpose-driven and guided by our values of accountability, transparency, and collaboration. You’ll get the rigour and attention to detail that you should expect from any agency you work with. We’re with you and providing support, every step of the way.

Our process is transparent, documented and thorough, including audits, checklists and test scripts that we share with your team.
Our commitment to collaboration means your expert team has the support and guidance of our expert team along the journey. In effect, we’re upskilling and empowering everybody involved in the project, building your team’s SEO skills along the way.
We trust the data – and we believe you should too – with benchmarks set at the start, we transparently track progress, remediate issues and celebrate successes, using shared tools and real time stats for 100% accountability.

Our proven SEO website migration process

We’ve successfully partnered with businesses of all sizes to migrate their websites and SEO across new domains and CMS platforms. Our work is backed by a comprehensive checklist, meticulously crafted by KLIQ’s experts, ensuring thoroughness in every project.

A site migration involves far more than we can detail here, yet this glimpse underscores our thoroughness in handling both your website and its SEO.

Map out objectives and devise a strategy to achieve them.
Clarify the scope of the migration, including identifying focus keywords and mapping all URLs and redirects.
Audit the old website to evaluate SEO efforts and document learnings.
Test the staging site to make sure there are no issues, together with reviewing the sitemap, wireframes, content structure and user experience.
Review the configuration of analytics tools like, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.
Migrate on-page SEO elements such as metadata, schema markups and image alt tags.
Check and test URL structure making sure the correct redirects are in place.
Ensure all internal links, external links and backlinks are brought over to the new website.
Identify and set up event tracking (if in place on the old website).
Benchmark the new site and do a rendering check.
Monitor search engine indexes, rankings, and organic traffic levels.
Test key pages for user experience, page rendering, page load speeds, CTA functions and event tracking as well as mobile UX and sitemap.
Submit to Google for indexing.
Review and remediate all redirects.
Check tracking and third-party scripts and tools to make sure they’re functioning.
Extensive experience

Leverage our extensive SEO experience

We’ve performed SEO migrations for clients in every sector. Our SEO website migration projects have ranged from HTTPs upgrades to CMS changes and rebrands, right through to multi-country expansion.

Domain and subdomain migrations
Website re-designs
Structural changes
HTTP to HTTPS migrations
Content management system (CMS) migrations
International site migrations
Platform expertise

Leading platform experience

As an agency, we’re well-versed in website migration projects from a variety of platforms including WordPress, Craft CMS, Squarespace, Shopify and many more.


What’s involved in an SEO website migration?

Download our useful SEO Website Migration Checklist [Google Sheet] for free.


An SEO website migration is the process of changing a website’s structure, design, or content while maintaining or improving its search engine rankings, authority and indexing signals. In an SEO migration, SEO elements such as meta tags, content structure, URLs, and backlinks are properly migrated, minimising the risk of negatively affecting organic rankings and traffic. Although SEO migrations are complex and time-consuming, they are a vital component of website management.

Quite simply, if you don’t perform an SEO website migration, you lose your SEO and organic rankings. SEO is based on all of your existing site structure, authority, content and metadata and if you don’t migrate them properly, it will hurt your ranking – and impact your business.

Any size! Whether you have a large website with over 5,000 pages or a small business with a handful of product pages and some blog posts, we can do any size.

The duration of an SEO migration depends on how complex the migration is, size of the website, and the specific requirements. A simple migration may take no more than a week, while more complex migrations may take several weeks or longer to ensure a successful migration. SEO migration work can also happen at the same time as some of your content migration, to reduce the impact on your project timelines.

Even when everything goes according to plan, sites can still experience an impact on organic traffic and rankings post-migration. This is because Google has to re-assess the new website content and design. Generally, sites experience a 10% drop for 4 to 6 weeks before bouncing back and larger sites may see a longer recovery time. Anything over a 20% drop in traffic will prompt us to investigate and remediate.

KLIQ performs a backlink audit first to clean up any broken or toxic backlinks. We then implement backlink redirects to your new domain which helps mitigate potential loss in Page Authority.

SEO migration is not an exact science and can be quite volatile. Even with proper planning and preparation, the risk of some loss of SEO exists. However, if you’re working with KLIQ and there is any SEO loss, our SEO experts have tried and true ways to help regain any SEO losses.

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