24 August 2023

KLIQ Strikes Gold with Sovereign Hill Museums Association Large-Scale Website SEO Migration Project

Melbourne, Australia - Sovereign Hill Museums Association, an Australian not-for-profit Tourism icon, has announced the appointment of B2B marketing agency KLIQ Interactive to perform its website SEO migration.

The appointment follows KLIQ's successful two-and-a-half-year tenure as Sovereign Hill's primary digital marketing partner.

Wanting to set the new website up for SEO success and to preserve their hard-earned organic search rankings, Sovereign Hill recognized the importance of establishing an SEO-led migration strategy.

“We have developed a great relationship with KLIQ and see them as part of our team,” said Sovereign Hill’s Head of External Engagement, Mark Hemetsberger. “Whenever we have issues and enquiries, they are very responsive. We want to have a great digital presence and be top of mind for our audience and KLIQ is helping us to achieve that. We can really see the impact their work has on our organisation so choosing them for our SEO migration project was an easy decision.”

The SEO migration is an essential component of Sovereign Hill’s digital marketing strategy and will be carried out in phases. Maintaining and optimising all the SEO elements for better search engine rankings across all 140-plus pages will be a primary focus, together with migrating all the old website’s tracking elements, including e-commerce tracking.

KLIQ's Head of Digital Channels, Vivek Ashok, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Having worked with Sovereign Hill for a few years now, we have a good understanding of the issues they faced with their old website and what they aim to achieve with their new website. We’ll be coming up with a detailed strategy for the migration to ensure they retain all valuable SEO gains they’ve made over the past few years, and also discover new opportunities to enhance their search rankings.”

About KLIQ

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