13 December 2023

Sourcey.m brands KLIQ as B2B digital marketing partner

MELBOURNE, Australia - Sourcey.m, Australia’s favourite branded merchandise agency, has announced the appointment of KLIQ Interactive, a data-focused B2B marketing agency, as its digital marketing partner.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone for sourcey.m as it seeks to further drive business growth by enhancing its online presence and brand visibility while focusing marketing efforts on a more targeted audience.

“We are all about relationships and our business model is customer-centric," said sourcey.m’s Founder, Emily Murray. "When revising our business plan and marketing strategy, we recognized that our ideal customers were large corporates with similar values who were willing to forge long-lasting relationships. We’re in this to find our perfect merch matches, not about one-night stands!”

“To achieve this, we wanted to adopt a bullseye approach to marketing instead of scattering our efforts and that led us to pursue an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy and an agency specialising in ABM. After meeting with multiple agencies, we quickly realised that our values were aligned with KLIQ and they were definitely the most relatable”.

“We felt from the first meeting that they understood what we were trying to achieve. We wanted to work with an agency that felt like an extension of our team, and that’s exactly what KLIQ has been.”

KLIQ, with its proven track record in delivering effective and robust B2B marketing strategies, will play a pivotal role in sourcey.m’s growth. The partnership aims to leverage KLIQ's expertise in areas such as account-based marketing (ABM), LinkedIn marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and B2B advertising, and utilise their proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, KLIQmetrics™️ to drive sourcey.m’s digital marketing efforts.

KLIQ's Agency Director, Shaun Thaddeus was equally enthusiastic about the appointment, stating, “Partnering with sourcey.m presents a fantastic opportunity for us to contribute to the growth and success of a forward-thinking company in the branded merchandise sector. Our team is eager to bring our ABM expertise to the table, helping to grow the business, bring their vision to life, and help them stand out in a competitive landscape."

About KLIQ

KLIQ is a purpose-driven, data-focused and ethics-guided digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. We partner with clients in renewable energy, non-profits, local government, professional services, information technology, and startups. We specialise in B2B Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Automation, LinkedIn Marketing, ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and Branding.

Learn more at kliqinteractive.com.