22 February 2024

Open Pantry enlists KLIQ to power digital leap in B2B Agri-Food tech space

MELBOURNE, Australia - Open Pantry, Australia's leading wholesale online ordering system for restaurants and F&B suppliers, has announced their strategic partnership with KLIQ Interactive, a data-focused B2B marketing agency, to enhance their digital marketing initiatives and drive sustainable business growth in Australia and abroad.

Open Pantry has rapidly emerged as the go-to platform for restaurants and F&B suppliers wanting seamless and efficient wholesale online ordering solutions in Australia. Seeking to accelerate growth in not only Australia but other foreign markets as well, Open Pantry chose KLIQ for their proven track record in delivering effective and robust B2B marketing strategies.

“We chose KLIQ to be our B2B digital marketing agency as they come highly recommended in the B2B industry,” said Open Pantry’s Founder, Geoff Philcox. “Their team is comprised of experts in their respective fields with a very broad knowledge base. They have the ability to view your business as a whole, understand your objectives and design customised strategies to achieve your business goals”.

KLIQ will provide services in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), LinkedIn marketing, Digital advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and utilise their proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, KLIQmetrics™️ to steer Open Pantry’s digital marketing initiatives ensuring their message not only reaches their target audience but resonates with them as well.

KLIQ's CEO & Co-Founder, Shaun Thaddeus shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be selected by Open Pantry as their dedicated B2B digital marketing agency. We are eager to bring our expertise in data-driven marketing strategies to the forefront. Our proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, KLIQmetrics™️, will stand at the core of our strategy, enabling us to deliver unparalleled insights and results. We are committed to utilising our comprehensive solutions to cut through the competitive B2B and SaaS spaces within the Food and Agriculture Tech markets."

About KLIQ

KLIQ is a purpose-driven, data-focused and ethics-guided digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. We partner with clients in renewable energy, non-profits, local government, professional services, information technology, and startups. We specialise in B2B Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Automation, LinkedIn Marketing, ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and Branding.

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