21 May 2024

Is AI the right choice for your marketing team? Benefits and pitfalls of AI and human copywriting

For businesses relying on digital marketing to reach customers, the content generating tools we call ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) have the potential to transform how the writers in your team create marketing copy. What does AI do well and what should you watch for as you start to use this amazing content generation technology to write your digital marketing copy?

The cure for writer's block!

Using an AI content generation tool like ChatGPT to get you started is a fantastic way to remove the ‘tyranny of the empty page’.

Every marketing copywriter knows that the process of editing copy that’s not quite right is much easier than creating it from scratch.

Digital marketing writers can enter an idea, a couple of keywords and some subheadings into their favourite AI copywriting tool and watch it come up with suggestions and summaries that will get their creative juices flowing.

Could you be using AI for SEO?

A huge advantage of AI copywriting is that it can be prompted to create copy that’s optimised for search engines and other digital channels such as social media. The AI algorithm analyses keywords, trends and performance metrics faster than a human copywriter ever could.

Of course, you’ll still need a human to review the copy for quality and always remember to fact check.

AI content generation for structure suggestions and templates

AI copywriting tools often use predefined templates and algorithms. These can provide structure to the copy and they are a great starting point for original and creative copywriting. The downside of this built-in efficiency is that if it’s used as-is, the copy can seem generic and unoriginal.

It’s important to review and edit AI-generated copy, tailoring it for its intended audience and ensuring it aligns with your marketing goals.

AI for digital marketing

A hugely important reason for creating digital marketing copy is to achieve your marketing goals. AI creates content in response to instructions, so by using prompts that come straight from your marketing strategy or marketing plan, you’re briefing the AI with a clear brief that will ensure your content is working as hard as you are.

Of course, this means you’ll want to have a comprehensive, up-to-date marketing plan in place. Having AI in your corner doesn’t mean you can neglect the fundamentals of marketing, but it will boost whatever marketing strategy you have in place.

When you’re planning how to incorporate AI into your marketing, we also recommend you know your tools. Some AI tools like ChatGPT, PerplexityAI and Google Gemini are excellent for research, while others such as Jasper.ai, or AI tools built into the Hemingway App or Grammarly are great for creating draft copy or improving readability and accessibility.

Which AI is best for copywriting?

With so many AI copywriting tools to choose from, which one should you be choosing to support your marketing team to write great copy for your marketing channels?

For a seamless integration of AI into the platforms you already use for your marketing, tools like Hubspot have built AI capabilities into their existing toolset.

Content improvement tools like Grammarly and the Hemingway App have also enhanced their products with added AI. Grammarly has even gone as far as rebrand, calling itself an AI writing partner and moving away from being merely a grammar checker.

For a platform-agnostic solution, tools such as Anyword, Writesonic and Jasper.ai offer a range of pricing and features. Each AI copywriting product in the marketplace has a different unique selling proposition (USP) so it’s important to look for a tool that suits the size and goals of your business.

Pitfalls to avoid

Our top tip for using AI is: don’t let AI write your copy. It’s an assistant, not a copywriter.

Even the strongest supporters of AI (and yes, ChatGPT agrees, just ask it!) will admit that when it comes to originality, creativity, nuance and emotional intelligence, an AI tool will not be able to match a human copywriter. Here are some other things to watch for.

1. Quality matters more than ever

According to Google, AI-generated content won’t be penalised just for being created by AI. Instead, Google’s ranking system continues to reward content that demonstrates expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

If you’re using AI to generate content, review the copy carefully to make sure it’s high quality and relevant to your marketing goals and context.

2. Prompt engineering is a skill

AI is a tool, and like any new tool, you’ll need to learn new skills to become adept at it!

There’s an old adage from the early days of software engineering – ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’. Nobody is saying that AI-generated copy is garbage of course. The reason this old saying from the mid 20th century translates perfectly for generative AI is all about the prompts. A prompt is how you give instructions to a generative AI tool and the better the prompt, the better the AI-generated content.

We’re at the forefront of a powerful new shift in digital marketing copywriting, and it’s the perfect time to ensure you and your copywriters have the training and support to create amazing, targeted copy more efficiently than ever before.

3. The ethics of using AI to generate content

As marketers, we always need to consider copyright, plagiarism, intellectual property and data privacy. It’s perfectly OK to create content using AI but take care to avoid the risk of plagiarism or copyright breaches by checking the generated copy in an AI checker.

  • Use AI tools like ChatGPT to suggest article outlines and subheadings.
  • Incorporate SEO keywords into prompts as a starting point for optimising the copy.
  • Write original copy based on desktop research and interviews with subject matter experts.
  • Check the readability level and accessibility of the drafted copy using tools like the Hemingway App and Grammarly.
  • Ensure that formatting, style, voice and links all come from expert humans. Use AI as a cure for the empty page, a fast path to logical structure and a seemingly infinite source of ideas.

In conclusion - is AI copywriting the right choice for your marketing team?

It’s an exciting time for digital marketers, with tools like generative AI ready to boost the speed and efficiency of copywriting for all kinds of content.

AI has powerful capabilities for automating some aspects of copywriting but it can’t replace an expert human writer.

As human writers, we can leverage what AI does well, by learning to design prompts and review outputs to create quality, creative, impactful, high performing content in less time at reduced cost.

Even in our own copywriting work, our team at KLIQ are always looking for ways to make use of innovations like AI to support our expert copywriters. We work closely with clients to craft marketing copy that helps them meet their marketing goals. And our proven approach gets results, with the perfect balance of human creativity and AI efficiencies.

We keep blog topics meaningful, relevant and targeted by drawing on the subject matter expertise that our clients provide. This ensures the blogs and web pages are of high value to their target audience and search engines alike. The proof is in the pudding! Thanks to high quality copy that harnesses the best of humans and AI,our clients like 9Yards are seeing an increase of relevant web traffic from organic search and massive jumps on important keywords to page 1 of Google for previously non-ranking keywords.

Schedule a consultation with our digital marketing specialists, to find out how the team at KLIQ can bring the best of what human copywriters and AI have to offer to serve your business.