6 June 2024

9Yards extends content marketing and SEO partnership with KLIQ

MELBOURNE, Australia - 9Yards, a leading business and technology consulting firm based in Australia, has announced the successful extension of KLIQ Interactive, a data-focused B2B marketing agency, as its dedicated content marketing partner and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency. The continued collaboration comes after a successful 2-year partnership to enhance 9Yard’s online presence and drive sustainable business growth.

“Our decision to extend our retainer with KLIQ is driven by their demonstrated expertise and innovative approach,” ​​said 9Yards CEO, Shane Jones. “Over the last two to three years, we have developed a robust partnership with KLIQ and they have been instrumental in elevating our brand's visibility and engagement.”

Throughout the partnership, KLIQ leveraged their expertise in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), LinkedIn Marketing, SEO, and Content Marketing, alongside their proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, KLIQmetrics™️ to create compelling content that reaches and resonates with key decision-makers within 9Yards’ targeted organisations.

“Their deep understanding of our business enables them to produce relevant and impactful content perfectly tailored to our brand's voice and objectives. Their SEO strategies have been particularly effective, significantly improving our search engine rankings. This has directly translated into increased website traffic and, importantly, a noticeable boost in revenue.”

KLIQ's Head of SEO, Steven Huan was thrilled with the company's continued partnership with 9Yards stating “Collaborating with 9Yards has been an incredible journey, and we are thrilled to continue our partnership as their dedicated content marketing and SEO agency. It's been incredibly rewarding to see the impact of our efforts on their brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, their revenue."

About KLIQ

KLIQ is a purpose-driven, data-focused and ethics-guided digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. We partner with clients in renewable energy, non-profits, local government, professional services, information technology, and startups. We specialise in B2B Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Automation, LinkedIn Marketing, ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and Branding.

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