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Transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 seamlessly. We’ll set up your dashboards and reports and migrate your goals, events and e-commerce tracking.

Brands without Google Analytics 4 will lose web reporting in:








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Why should you migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4?

Gather your historical data

Universal Analytics will stop processing data on 30th June 2023 and Google Analytics 4 will not import past data, nor will it allow you to access historical data. Google Analytics 4 will begin collecting data from the moment it is set up. Hence to have year-on-year data history, you’ll need to set up Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible.

Event-based data

A user will not re-trigger several hits in the same session anymore. Google Analytics 4 will track user behaviour based on events, allowing for more accurate reports.

Preserve your data with greater privacy

With Google Analytics 4 privacy controls, you can easily accommodate current and future privacy regulations including GDPR.


Which Google Analytics 4 migration plan fits you?

GA4 Full Migration

• Full migration of your goals and events to Google Analytics 4

• 1 hour online training

• $1,150 + GST

GA4 Setup Review

• Google Tag implementation across the website

• Goal tracking setup review

• Google Analytics 4 settings configuration

• 1 hour online training

• $750 + GST

GA4 Custom E-commerce Migration

• Book a consultation with our Google Analytics 4 migration experts to tailor our service to your needs


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Our Google Analytics 4 migration process

Migrations are always a great opportunity to re-think or clean up a Google Analytics solution. Our team of experts will invest time into understanding your unique challenges and opportunities to not only seamlessly perform the migration, but also to enhance implementations where possible.

Migrate Now


Evaluate your current setup

Our team will audit your current Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager properties to determine what will be essential to optimize tracking in Google Analytics 4 and which tags, triggers, and variables in Google Tag Manager will be necessary.


Create your new Google Analytics 4 property

We’ll configure and deploy your new Google Analytics 4 property and everything you need (audiences, events, tags, goals, audiences, etc.) to start using Google Analytics 4 immediately.


Reporting and review

Even for those well-versed in using UA for reporting, Google Analytics 4’s reporting interface may come across as completely foreign. We can set up Explorations in Google Analytics 4 and build custom dashboards to solve your reporting needs. Once complete, we’ll guide you through the platform so you can start using Google Analytics 4 with confidence.


What do we offer during your Google Analytics 4 migration?

Seamless migration to Google Analytics 4

Switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 hassle-free. Our team will make sure everything is set up correctly.

Keep your Universal Analytics data

Retain access to all your historical data on Universal Analytics and use it to make comparisons whenever you require.

Team training in Google Analytics 4

We’ll provide customized training for your team and help them understand Google Analytics 4 to make full use of its features.

GA4 Advantages

Why should you upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

Cross-platform analysis

Collect data from a variety of platforms and analyse it all in one place. Google Analytics 4 integrates with Firebase, allowing you to track the same event across several platforms and better attribute conversions.

Improved customer journey tracking

Google Analytics 4 goes beyond “Last Click”; it now measures all user clicks until a conversion is completed.

Better audiences for advertising campaigns

Google Analytics 4 will allow first-party data to be combined with third-party data to create highly targeted audiences.

Enhanced analytics and reporting

Google Analytics 4 gives you free access to tools that were previously only available to Google Analytics 360 users.

Simplified goals & events set up

With a more user-friendly interface, goals and events can be set up much easier and quicker.

Built for privacy

With data retention controls, Google Analytics 4 is the perfect solution for organisations that are looking to comply with privacy regulations.


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How long does the migration take?

The implementation usually takes 2 weeks to complete after obtaining the necessary information. It may take longer if there are any roadblocks that require the advertiser’s collaboration (for example, lack of data in the Google Tag Manager dataLayer in case new events need to be added).

Can I use Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 at the same time?

We recommend running UA and GA4 simultaneously so that GA4 can begin collecting data before UA is no longer supported. Running UA and GA4 concurrently has no negative consequences, and it is the best method to begin gathering historical data on your GA4 property.

Is Google Analytics 4 or Universal Analytics better?

Google Analytics 4 provides far more robust and reliable cross-device and cross-platform tracking than Universal Analytics since it uses the same schema for both online and app data, whereas Universal Analytics does not.

Will using Google Tag Manager affect our migration to Google Analytics 4?

No, using Google Tag Manager won’t affect the migration to GA4. GA4 has been designed to work seamlessly with Google Tag Manager.

How does Google Analytics 4 collect data?