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ChatGPT for Marketing & Content Teams

Lock in an 8-hour masterclass for your marketing and content team with Australia’s No. 1 digital and AI copywriting trainer.

Rapidly lift your organization’s content marketing quality, performance and profitability – while slashing days off research, planning and creation time.

Course overview
A hands-on practical course delivered online with Zoom. The course is highly interactive, practical and hands-on.
Participants should join ChatGPT prior to class, either the free or the more reliable version.
All participants receive a digital workbook.
This 8-hour course can be delivered in one day or across two half-days, depending on the needs of your team.
This is a group course. The total cost is $4,999 AUD and we can accommodate up to 12 people for that price.

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When your team has completed this course, they will be able to apply pro-copywriting techniques in ChatGPT to:

Emotionally connect with readers, listeners and watchers
Research, plan, write and edit webpages, blogs, emails and social content
Convey the right messages in intriguing ways (and in your company's voice)
Apply proven copywriting frameworks and psychology to their writing
Sell without sounding like a cringy used car sales (wo)man
Gain your ideal client's attention, interest and trust
Overcome buyer hesitations
Craft calls-to-action that increase conversions e.g. calls, joins, purchases, etc

Who should attend?

This course is perfect for:

Marketers - from beginners to advanced
Content and copywriters - from beginner to advanced
People who would benefit from gaining professional copywriting skills including researching, planning and creating marketing content.


Seven productivity and cost benefits this course will deliver to you and your organization:

Eliminate writer's block
Slash hours of writing and research time
Publish great content much faster than competitors
Avoid spending thousands of dollars on hiring external copywriters
Attract, captivate and convert more business
Become a team of AI content experts
Free up employee time for creative and productive projects


  • What is ChatGPT and other AI tools?
  • The many ways to use ChatGPT for business communications
  • Limitations, ethics and security considerations
  • Setting up and getting started
  • Understanding the people-friendly interface
  • Fun and practical prompt exercises
  • ChatGPT capabilities and limitations
  • The most effective way to use ChatGPT to research, write and enhance content + copy
  • Researching your audience, industry and competition with ChatGPT
  • Prompts to help you create quality web content in minutes
  • 10 irresistible and proven to persuade content and marketing techniques
  • How to apply them to your web, social, email and other content/copywriting
  • Brainstorming and writing the principles and frameworks with ChatGPT
  • Captivating readers using features and benefits
  • 3 magnetic copywriting formulas for landing pages, blogs, emails, social posts and print
  • Blending ChatGPT with irresistible copywriting formulas
  • Learn what influences Google search rankings today (E.E.A.T., intent, clusters, etc)
  • What Google wants and doesn’t want from AI content
  • How to use ChatGPT and other tools to plan and create SEO content
  • Brainstorming, angles and outlines
  • Headlines, subject lines, subheads, teasers, body copy, bullet points and hyperlinks
  • Magnetic opening sentences, power words and specifics
  • Techniques to help drive required action (CTAs)
  • Weaving stories into your digital content
  • Engaging and accessible visual content
  • Little-known prompts, techniques and processes used by leading AI copywriters and engineers
  • More detailed specific answers/copy
  • More original and compelling copy
  • More human and ‘you’ like writing

About your trainer

Simon Hillier has 25 years of experience as a specialist in digital content, copywriting and AI writing. As a trainer, Simon enjoys helping participants to achieve their communication and professional development goals with new skills and expertise in tools like ChatGPT.

Simon has produced content and consulted for hundreds of organisations, from small start-ups to global brand names as well as Australian and international government and not-for-profits. His past clients include Microsoft, Salesforce, Canva, PayPal, Cochlear, Johnson & Johnson, Telstra, ING and Jaguar.

Simon has produced content and consulted for hundreds of organisations, from small start-ups to global brand names as well as Australian and international government and not-for-profits. His past clients include Microsoft, SalesForce, Canva, PayPal, Cochlear, Johnson & Johnson, Telstra, ING and Jaguar.

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